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Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident

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Fort Lauderdale Bikers understand the freedom of riding on two wheels on the open road. Bikers have the same rights as other drivers that share the roadways, but sadly riders are 27 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash when compared to drivers of passenger vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs. The unfortunate reality is that other motorists are too distracted to notice motorcycles or are just not paying attention while driving, which can ultimately lead to very serious accidents and injuries.

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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Fort Lauderdale that was caused by someone else’s negligence, our Broward County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Whittel & Melton are here to help you understand your legal rights. We know very well the types of pain, anxiety, and stress these accidents can leave victims with, which is why we can fight to get the financial compensation you need to cover those hefty medical bills and lost time from work. We welcome you to contact us today to speak to us about your case.

What are Florida’s Helmet Laws for Motorcyclists?

Helmet Laws for Motorcyclists

That feeling of freedom that comes along with taking your bike out comes with a cost, unfortunately. Even the most experienced of bikers can have their life cut short by one careless or inattentive driver. While the dangers persist, there are things that can be done to limit these risks.

One of the main ways a biker can decrease their risk of a fatality in a motorcycle accident is to wear a helmet. You may have seen motorcyclists in Fort Lauderdale riding around without a helmet, and that is absolutely acceptable as Florida has a partial helmet law. What does that mean? If you are over 21 and carry an insurance policy that provides $10,000 or more for any injuries that result from a motorcycle crash, then you have the right to choose whether or not you want to wear a helmet. If you are under the age of 21, you are legally required to wear a helmet regardless of your insurance policy.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 70.1% of motorcyclists across the United States opted to wear a helmet in 2018. This number is up from 55% in 2017. Fort Lauderdale, FL for better or worse is no different.

Your decision to wear a helmet in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in Florida is yours to make. There are many good reasons why a rider should wear a helmet, though. NHTSA data shows that helmet use in motorcycle crashes prevents nearly 37% of deaths. Helmet use is also 67% effective when it comes to preventing brain injuries. Data compiled for 2017 shows that helmets saved 1,800 lives across the U.S.

While we encourage everyone to wear one based on the years of experience we have with head injuries, the personal freedom to choose helmets or most things is an individual adult liberty we also respect.

You Can Afford a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Motorcycle Accidents

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Ft. Lauderdale, you may be inclined to think that the insurance companies involved are on your side and want to help you get a fair amount for your suffering. While the insurance companies may want to see you get a fair shake, the truth is that they are for-profit businesses that are out to protect their bottom lines, so your best interests are not their top priority. By having our Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton on your side, you can rest easy knowing that we will fight aggressively to get you maximum compensation for your accident-related losses.

We don’t just help injury victims who are lucky enough to survive the aftermath of a motorcycle collision. We also handle wrongful death claims that arise from motorcycle accidents. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash in Broward County that was caused by another person’s negligent actions, we can assist you with filing a wrongful death claim to recover financial compensation. We know that nothing can bring back your loved one, but we want to help try and make it right.

We don’t recommend taking on the insurance companies by yourself. Our Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are experienced legal advocates that are ready to help you. We handle all motorcycle injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency basis, so you pay us nothing unless we recover a financial award on your behalf. Call us today at 866-608-5529 or contact us online for a completely free consultation.

About Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Bridge

Fort Lauderdale, known as the “Venice of America,” is the largest city in Broward County. The area offers a semi-tropical climate with 3,000 hours of sunshine every single year. With its beautiful beaches, visitors and residents alike can enjoy ocean breezes, relaxation, and recreation. Las Olas Boulevard offers world-renowned restaurants, fashion, and endless hours of entertainment. The Riverwalk is known for its culture and education with numerous museums and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Broward College and Florida Atlantic University are also located in Fort Lauderdale.

Our lawyers can also represent you if your motorcycle accident occurred in Tampa, Boca Raton, New Port Richey, Miami or nearly any other area in Florida. Remember, there is no fee or cost unless we win. Call 352-369-5334 now to learn exactly how we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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