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“Clermont, FL Motorcycle riders, more so than others, must be especially precautious as State Road 50 presents some very unique dangers. Unlike US27 and some other roads with well-defined medians, SR50 is a well-traveled highway that offers little room for error. This two-lane highway has many close calls. Motorcycle Accidents by definition are rarely small, and in Clermont, Florida they are made that much more dangerous due to State Road 50. ”

- Jason M. Melton, Esquire – Florida Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

According to the State of Florida’s Department of Transportation, 31 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occurred during the months of March, April, and May with approximately 44 percent of fatal crashes occurring on weekends. Over the course of 11 years, motorcycle casualties in Florida steadily increased from five percent in 1997 to 17.8 percent in 2008. By 2009 motorcycle fatalities tallied 15.7 percent of all traffic deaths, a 24 percent decrease from prior years. While motorcycle fatality figures can rise and fall throughout the years, the best thing any rider can do is to educate themselves on all aspects of motorcycle safety and always err on the side of caution when traveling any distance, long or short.

Motorcycle crashes can be caused by a mixture of reasons. In some cases, road problems such as lack of lighting, poor barriers, pavement drop-offs, and vanishing lane stripes can be menacing threats to bikers. In other cases, out of control drivers speeding, biking under the influence of alcohol or drugs or drivers being unaware of a motorcyclist in the next lane can cause perilous tragedies. Bad weather conditions, including the presence of rain, sleet, and snow, have also been known to be budding causes of motorcycle accidents.

Many Florida bikers participate in multi-day motorcycle trips. This means that bikers can get caught up in all types of weather conditions and need to tow along more gear with them to accommodate various climates. If you or someone you know is going to ride a motorcycle in rainy, wet weather conditions on the roadways of Clermont, Astatula, Howey-In-The-Hills, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola, Winter Garden, Ocoee or anywhere in the communities of Lake County, please be advised of these safety precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents:

  1. Purchase the right gear. A high quality rain suit, waterproof boots that cover your ankles and waterproof gloves can keep you dry and make your ride enjoyable and not miserable.
  2. At the first signs of rain showers, drive extra careful and slow or pull over. The first 15 minutes after it starts raining are the slickest, so try and pull over if you can. If you cannot, just stay focused and alert and avoid speeding.
  3. Avoid any metal surface like train tracks or metal grates. Shiny and smooth surfaces are much more difficult to maneuver than plain old asphalt.
  4. In rain, surfaces are slicker than usual because water acts as a lubricant, so do not speed. Your brakes are less effective on wet roadways and your bike takes longer to stop than when road conditions are dry.
  5. Test your traction. This is usually a rider’s biggest concern in the rain, so test it by riding at a moderate speed on a level surface with your REAR wheel and feel how much traction you have by trying to lock it up.
  6. Wear a full face helmet. You can even purchase a detachable face shield if the full helmet bothers you. Getting caught on your motorcycle in the rain without one or the other will feel like hail pelting your face, so cover up.
  7. Focus on putting your tires through one action at a time. Try not to combine actions with your tires in the rain. For example, don’t accelerate while turning or downshift into a turn. Less tension on your tires in wet conditions equals better traction.

If you find yourself involved in an accident on wet streets, call 911 first and then, call Whittel & Melton without delay at 352-793-9330.

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