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All motorists accused of drunk driving in Sumter County, Florida need to know that a successful defense to the charge DUI begins IMMEDIATELY!

Whether you have been charged with:
Sumter County, FL DUI
Sumter County, FL DUI with Property Damage
Sumter County, FL DUI with Personal Injury
Sumter County, FL Felony DUI
Sumter County, FL DUI with Serious Bodily Injury
Sumter County, FL DUI Manslaughter

The Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles almost invariably will suspend your driver's license within 10 DAYS of your arrest. This Florida DUI suspension will begin in 10 actual days, not business, not weekdays, 10 actual days. Call our office now. 352-793-9330 We are available 24/7 - 1-866-608-5LAW - 1-866-608-5529

Don't let a Sumter County DUI arrest ruin your record. A properly defended Bushnell, FL DUI or DWI arrest from the The Villages can be one of the best decisions you will ever make after the shock of a DUI arrest. In order to best defend your Sumter County DUI, you need a trial tested DUI attorney and Sumter County law firm like Whittel & Melton to defend your rights and hold the government accountable.

Most Sumter County citizens need their driver's license for just about everything. In order to preserve your ability to drive, you must take action immediately.

Whittel & Melton, LLC

Our office is ready to defend any kind of DUI or DUI related charge including:
Sumter County DUI - misdemeanor
Sumter County DUI with property damage
Sumter County DUI with personal injuries
Sumter County Felony DUI
Sumter County DUI with Serious Bodily Injuries
Sumter County DUI Manslaughter
Sumter County BUI - Boating Under the Influence
Sumter County DUI - Minor .02
Sumter County DUI - CDL
Sumter County DUI - auto, motorcycle, truck, semi, airplane, boat, bicycle, horse, golf cart, motorized scooter or motorized wheelchair, moped, any motorized vehicle

Our experience in representing Sumter County clients during both the criminal DUI and administrative DHSMV formal review process has been that a well-informed client will have a greater opportunity o success as the dialogue between our Sumter County DUI Lawyers and the client is that much better. Below you will find some web sites that may lend themselves to helping you during our representation of your Sumter County, Florida DUI.

City of Bushnell
City of Wildwood
City of Wildwood Police Department
Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Sumter County Jail

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