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ATMs can be very dangerous simply because they tend to invite crime. Too often, ATMs are a site for violent crimes, such as robberies, stabbings, sexual assaults, physical attacks and shootings. It is important to be aware that the owners of these machines are required to maintain a safe premise in order to protect citizens from harm. If an injury or wrongful death is sustained as a direct result of negligent or inadequate security, property owners can be held liable for those injuries.

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ATM cash machines can be found on every street corner throughout the United States. In fact, you can find an ATM virtually anywhere – outside banks, inside gas stations, shopping malls, grocery stores, nightclubs and airports. ATMs make it convenient for users to get cash anywhere at any time. However, automatic teller machines are a huge target for criminal activity because users are able to withdraw funds 24 hours a day. This makes users extremely vulnerable to a criminal attack. A Tampa Negligent Security Attorney at Whittel & Melton can help crime victims, including women, men, college students, hotel guests, cruise ship passengers and bank customers who have been attacked due to improper or non-existent security measures.

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Banks and third party owners of ATMs are obligated to provide a safe premise for customers at all times, which includes protecting patrons from foreseeable criminal acts by providing appropriate security. In fact, both federal law and Florida regulations require ATM owners to abide by minimum security standards to deter dangerous crimes. These laws oversee the location, security features, lighting and even the height and placement of shrubbery around ATMs.

If a violent crime, such as murder, assault, battery or rape occurs at an ATM due to the owner’s failure to implement adequate security, a victim can sue the ATM owner for damages related to the incident. If the ATM is located at a mall or gas station, the victim may be eligible to recover damages from both the ATM owner and the owner of the property where the crime occurred for negligent security.

Depending on the situation, negligent security at an ATM or bank can involve:

  • Failure to Provide Sufficient Lighting
  • Failure to Provide Security Guards
  • Failure to Provide Security Cameras
  • Improper Placement of Shrubbery that could obstruct others’ view of the ATM and/or provide an easy hiding spot for a robber

Victims of ATM attacks may be able to receive financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, emotional and psychological trauma and rehabilitative care. A Clearwater ATM Security Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can review the facts surrounding your case and make sure you receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to. Contact us today online or call 1-866-608-5529.

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Crimes at ATMs can actually occur both electronically and physically. Electronic crimes generally include ATM card theft, ATM card skimming, card swapping, card jamming, fraudulent use of ATM cards and theft by electronic data interception. While the threat of an electronic crime is a serious hazard, it is the budding possibility for a violent attack to occur that makes using an ATM so unsafe.

After being the victim of a violent crime at an ATM you may be astonished to find that you are one of several victims that were attacked at the same location and the bank or property owner knew about them. Your attack could possibly have been avoided entirely if the bank or property owner took preemptive action against a potentially dangerous situation for clients. Even if the bank or property owner complied with safety standards, someone could still be responsible for a lapse in security that resulted in your attack. Defective locks, cameras or other security devices that failed could have led to your injuries.

What is Adequate ATM Security?

Adequate ATM security varies and depends on the location of the ATM and history of violent crimes in the area. Proper security measures can include the following:

  • Working Security Cameras
  • Heat Sensors that Detect People in the ATM area that Cannot Be Seen on Camera
  • Adequate Lighting Around the ATM Area, Including Building Corners and Alleyways
  • Installation of an Emergency 9-1-1 Button
  • Employing Security Guards
  • Installation of ATM Mirrors

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