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“Unlike other Florida communities, New Port Richey is uniquely situated next to one of the most dangerous stretch of roads I have ever come to know. US Highway 19 takes lives, shortens careers and creates impediments to the enjoyment of life everyday. New Port Richey motorists, their passengers and the loved ones of both are the victims we represent everyday. Don’t be a victim twice. We’d be honored to represent you and navigate your case through the murky and often times troubled waters of Florida Auto Insurance.”
– Jason M. Melton, Esq. New Port Richey Car, Truck, ATV Accident and Injury Attorney

Drivers are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident during nighttime hours. Mainly, this risk is elevated due to visibility issues, but also due to bad driving habits of others sharing the roadways. The human eye requires light to see, and anytime a driver gets behind the wheel of a car after sundown, their ability to perceive distance can be severely impaired if they are not focused on the ultimate task at hand, making nighttime driving a leading cause of auto accidents. Many drivers make the mistake of not slowing down when driving at night, which could result in catastrophic injuries to innocent victims and even wrongful death.

It is estimated that 90 percent of all drivers base their steering decisions on what they see, and unfortunately many drivers fail to see what is clearly ahead of them either due to carelessness, failing to obey traffic signs, following another driver too closely or failing to yield to the driver with the right away. According to the National Safety Council, driving catastrophes are three times more likely to occur at night. Several factors attribute to why night driving is dangerous, including:

  • Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision being compromised after hours
  • Driver fatigue is escalated at night
  • Older drivers have heightened trouble seeing at night
  • Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to be on the road at night
  • The number of speeding drivers on the roads is increased at night

More than 40 percent of all fatal traffic accidents happen in the evening hours, despite the fact that there is 60 percent less traffic on the streets. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 30 percent of all fatal car accidents involve speeding. Likewise, 18 percent of deadly car wrecks during daylight hours involve alcohol, while 54 percent of alcohol-related accidents take place at night.

If another person’s reckless and thoughtless driving behavior caused harm to you or your loved ones, contact Whittel & Melton today at 727-847-2299.

The chances of a car accident just “happening” are slim. An accident is most often caused by another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior. Although there are all types of injuries that can occur due to a car wreck and its impact on the body, most common are whiplash also referred to as “soft tissue injury,” concussions, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, herniated discs, broken bones, scarring and bruising, paralysis and death.

If you or someone you care for is going to operate a vehicle at night on the roadways of New Port Richey, Trinity or anywhere in the communities of Pasco County, please follow these safety precautions to reduce your risk of an accident:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is ready for night driving. Clean windows, tail lights and headlights to ensure maximum visibility.
  2. Take note of where your headlights are aimed. When headlights are not properly aligned they can blind other drivers and decrease your ability to follow road patterns.
  3. Avoid smoking and driving. According to the National Safety Council, the nicotine and carbon monoxide found in cigarettes can hinder night vision.
  4. Be visible. Lights may not help you drive better in twilight hours, but it will help other traveler’s see you, which is important.
  5. Keep your speed slow and increase following distances. It is harder to gauge other cars speed and distances when it is dark outside.
  6. Leave dashboard lights at a low setting. Bright and dark contrasting lights can hinder your vision, so limit the brightness in your car to better see the roads at night and avoid car accidents.
  7. If you are injured in an accident, call 911 first, then call Whittel & Melton at 727-847-2299.

If you were injured in a car accident that happened at night, contact Whittel & Melton right away for a free consultation. We are equipped to find out exactly what contributed to your accident, including visual obstructions and/o r another driver’s negligent behavior, which could have directly resulted in your accident. We have experts that can recreate the scene of the accident and show the actual conditions of the site leading up to the time of the crash. Contact us directly throughout the state of Florida toll-free at 1-866-608-5LAW (5529) or fill out a confidential online case evaluation form immediately.

Our goal is to help injured victims and their families get back to the quality of life they once enjoyed before the interruption of another driver’s negligence. We take the time to address any legal questions you may have and will make sure you are fully aware of your legal options in their entirety. We will provide you and the ones you care for with top of the line quality representation by either settling your case outside the courtroom or going to trial. Contact us today to get answers to your automotive collision questions in New Port Richey at 727-847-2299 or reach us statewide and toll-free at 1-866-608-5LAW (5529).

Whittel & Melton handles automobile collision cases throughout Pasco County, including New Port Richey, Port Richey, Holiday, Hudson, Trinity, Dade City, Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills and Spring Hill. We have consultation offices throughout the state of Florida, so contact us today with the details of your automotive claim.

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