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A car accident can impact all aspects of your life – emotionally, psychologically, and physically. While adjusting to these very sudden and unexpected life changes can be difficult, the good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone. Our Crystal River Car Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can help ease this burden so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. We will fight for you and handle every aspect of your car accident injury claim so that you don’t have to.

We know that most of the time after unfortunate car accidents, injury victims are most worried about the healthcare costs. We want you to know that you do have rights as well as options. When you choose to file a personal injury claim, you are seeking to get financial recovery you need as well as hold those who are responsible accountable for their recklessness or negligence. Our goal is to see to it that you are made financially whole again and have what you need to handle the full costs of your injuries you’re your accident both now as well as the future.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Crystal River Car Accident Claim?

There are many things that run through a person’s head following a car accident, one of them being the question: “What can a lawyer really do for me?” and “Won’t the insurance company do everything and pay me what I am owed?” The truth of the matter is that car accidents can get messy and complicated. You are not legally required to hire a lawyer after a car accident, but this can make your life much easier and increase your chances of getting a better payout for your suffering. Your specific amount of compensation will vary and really just depends on your individual case, but factors that determine the dollar amount that you are owed include the severity of your injuries, past, present, and future medical costs, and the overall impact on your life.

Our Crystal River Car Accident Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can fight by your side to see to it that you recover just compensation for all of your losses. We will fight to get you the full and fair amount of money that you are owed by handling the insurance company on your behalf. Did you know that the insurance company’s initial offer to settle a car accident claim is rarely close to the full amount that you are rightfully owed? Many people that pursue a claim without a lawyer quickly settle for a lowball offer from their insurance provider that will not cover the full scope of their injuries. Our Crystal River Auto Accident Lawyers at Whittel & Melton will scrutinize every facet of your case to carefully determine the full amount of money you are owed for your injuries and other losses. If an offer from the insurance company is not enough, then we will negotiate on your behalf to come up with a fair and equitable solution. Should a favorable resolution not be reached through negotiations, then as trial lawyers we are fully prepared to take your case to trial by filing a lawsuit.

Most insurance companies want to avoid a trial at all costs. Why? Insurance companies are in the business to make money, and going to trial costs them more time and money, so they would prefer to settle on a dollar amount outside of court. However, if an insurance provider is being unfair with their settlement offers, then the best option is to pursue a lawsuit, or at least threaten them with one to persuade them to a just settlement. Our Crystal River Car Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton know the games the insurance companies play, and we will not back down from a fight for what is fair. We urge you to call us now at 352-726-0078 or contact us online for a free consultation.

What If My Car Accident Was Minor? Do I Still Need a Lawyer?

Regardless of the severity of your Crystal River car accident, if you suffered injuries, then the answer is simple: Yes, you need a lawyer. Even if you were unexpectedly rear-ended at a red light by a careless driver, you still need to go through the appropriate measures to protect your rights and best interests. The worst mistake you can make is to not get a police report and just leave the scene thinking everything is fine. You may feel fine at the moment, but you could very well have hidden injuries that may not present themselves until a few days from now. The adrenaline following a car wreck can mask any injuries you actually have suffered. You could have strained tendons, stretched or torn ligaments, or even contusions. By leaving the scene and failing to see a doctor right away, you can weaken your chances of taking your personal injury claim to court, and could have a hard time getting any financial relief for your suffering.

After a minor car accident, you should do the following:

  1. Remain at the scene and file a police report. A police report is a crucial piece of evidence that will help a judge award appropriate damages after a car crash.
  2. Get as much evidence from the scene as you can. Take pictures and videos of everything, even if it may not seem relevant at the time. Get phone numbers and statements from as many people as you can that witnessed the crash. Your attorney can sift through any evidence you have collected to determine what may or may not be valuable.
  3. Never admit fault. Even if you think you may have done something to contribute the crash, just be very careful what you say. Let the police and your lawyer figure out who is at fault and what the next steps are.
  4. Seek medical care right away. Minor accidents do not always mean minor injuries, so go get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible to be sure. Remember, if you do not get medical care and later develop an injury, then it may be very hard to prove that the accident is the cause of your pain and suffering.
  5. Take advantage of Florida’s PIP. Florida requires you to have Personal Injury Protection to be used if you are injured in a car accident, so feel free to claim this from your insurance policy if you have been involved in a minor collision.
  6. Don’t underestimate the insurance company. Like we mentioned before, insurance companies are businesses and will be looking to protect their best interests, not yours. Remember this for when you file a claim as they will try to offer you far less than what your case is worth.
  7. Don’t take the insurance company’s first settlement offer. Their first offer will be their lowest and they will hope you will quickly accept so that they can save as much money as they can from your car accident.
  8. Hire a car accident attorney to help you. Trying to settle a case on your own will not likely yield the biggest award. On average, car accident victims who use a lawyer to handle their claims get three times more than those who pursue legal action on their own. It is in your bets interest to have a lawyer fighting on your side to get you the full and fair compensation your car accident case merits.

Our Crystal River Car Accident Injury Attorneys Are Free

Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, so if you do recover a financial settlement or award, then your lawyer’s fee will be taken out of this amount. If no settlement or award is achieved, then you will owe nothing.

Even better, a consultation with us is always free. You can request a free consultation to speak with us about your claim, and we will answer all of your questions and help you determine what your next steps should be. Call us now at 352-726-0078 or contact us online to get started.

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