What Are the Health Problems Associated with the Contaminated Water Found on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune?

The government learned of a severe water contamination issue for two water treatment facilities (the Tarawa Terrace and Hadnot Point treatment facilities) serving MCB Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in 1982. Upon further investigation, it was determined that toxic chemicals had been in the water since the 1950’s. The government shut down the affected wells in 1985, but the exposure timeframe was 1953 to 1987.

The US National Research Council Committee on Contaminated Drinking Water at Camp Lejeune found that the carcinogens primarily found in the water were perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE). While it is now 40 years later, the government is still learning about the long-term effects of exposure during the contamination period. If you or someone you love was stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1953-1987, then you could qualify for financial compensation for a health condition directly linked to the toxic water exposure.

If you lived or worked in MCB Camp Lejeune from 1953-1987, and now reside in Inverness, Crystal River, Homosassa, Floral City, Lecanto, Pine Ridge, Sugarmill Woods, Hernando, Beverly Hills, or elsewhere in Citrus County, then we encourage you to reach out to our Citrus County Camp Lejeune Personal Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton now to receive a free consultation to determine your eligibility for financial compensation and/or other benefits. You can call us at 352-726-0078 or contact us online 24/7.

Health Problems Directly Linked to Toxic Water at Camp Lejeune

Now that is has been 65 years since the water contamination at Camp Lejeune and 40 years since its discovery, there have been numerous health conditions linked to the contamination. Medical evidence shows various factors that correlate to the development of certain health conditions, such as:

  • Age of person when they were exposed to the toxic elements in the water
  • Status of person when they were exposed – pregnant woman, infant, teen, in-utero, etc.
  • The total duration of exposure and the degree
  • Personal habits
  • Health at the time of the exposure
  • Personal habits
  • How the person was exposed – drinking, breathing, contact with skin, etc.

While not everyone who was exposed to the contaminated water will develop adverse health conditions, certainly the nature of the toxic elements found in the water can extend the period for health risks to arise. Research is ongoing surrounding the medical conditions that can be traced back to the toxic water, but certain cancers, neurological problems, fertility issues, and organ failure are all on the list.

Cancers Connected to Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

  • Bladder cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphomas
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Brain cancer

If you or someone you love received a cancer diagnosis after exposure to water contamination at Camp Lejeune, our Crystal River and Inverness Camp Lejeune Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton could seek compensation on your behalf from those responsible.

Other Health Conditions Linked to Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

  • Internal organ damage
  • Renal toxicity
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Hepatic steatosis
  • Scleroderma
  • Cardiac Defects
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth decay

Infertility and Birth Defects Linked to Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

  • Female infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Still birth
  • Neural tube defects
  • Oral cleft defects (cleft lip)
  • Low birth weight
  • Childhood hematopoietic cancers

The water contamination issue at Camp Lejeune caused many families to struggle with conceiving or birthing healthy children. If you suffered any fertility problems or your child suffered any birth defects after a tour of duty at Camp Lejeune, you may wish to explore your legal options. We can help – call us now at 352-726-0078 or contact us online for a complimentary consultation.

Neurological Problems Linked to Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

  • Declining memory
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dementia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Fatigue
  • Poor motor functions
  • Insomnia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of being injured

What if I Served at Camp Lejeune and Now Reside in Crystal River, Inverness, or elsewhere in Citrus County? Can I File a Lawsuit for Compensation or Receive Disability Benefits?

Military service members (Marines, Army, Navy – Active Duty or National Guard) who served at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base Camp during 1953-1987 may be eligible for financial compensation through a lawsuit as well as disability benefits.

If you think your condition, or a loved one’s death, can be traced back to the water contamination at Camp Lejeune, then you should start making copies of military records, medical records, and base housing records to help expedite the process. It is helpful to have detailed medical documentation to support your medical conditions as well as detailed records of all related expenses.

If you think that you qualify for a financial award or benefits and you live in Inverness, Crystal River, Homosassa, Floral City, Lecanto, Pine Ridge, Sugarmill Woods, Hernando, Beverly Hills, or elsewhere in Citrus County, please contact us today online or call 352-726-0078.

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