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We understand the decision to hire appellate counsel comes with great pains. Generally, we are hired to file an appeal after an unfortunate conviction, sentencing or final hearing. Because the lawyers at Whittel & Melton, LLC have extensive experience representing those charged with crimes at the trial level, we have a unique perspective with respect to our criminal appeal work in Florida.

The focus of our appeals is commonly on errors during jury selection, trial, sentencing, plea negotiations or pre-trial dispositive motion hearings. The errors of the judge, jury, prosecutor, defense lawyer at trial or even witnesses can provide our clients with the necessary foundation for a successful appeal. It's our job to go through all of the evidence, transcripts, witness testimony and facts of the case. We will do our best to breath life into the record for the Appellate Court to read. Our appeals team will make very effort to give you and your loved one the appeal that they deserve.

It is commonly understood that if you are to file an appeal in Florida State Court - Notice MUST be filed within 30 days of the final order.

Examples of Florida Appeals:
Withdraw a Plea
Reduce a Sentence
Correct an Illegal Sentence
Vacate an Improper Conviction
Properly Rule on a Previously Filed Motion to Dismiss or Suppress
Error on Jury Selection

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