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The Inverness, FL Attorneys at Whittel & Melton, LLC are dedicated to providing unsurpassed, thoughtful and aggressive representation for family members who suffer through the loss of a love one due to negligence of others. Our Citrus County law firm will offer compassionate legal counsel to family members, be it parents, children, spouses, dependent children, sisters and/or brothers in claims involving avoidable or preventable fatal incidents. Whittel & Melton, LLC can handle claims in Citrus County against negligent drivers, negligent pilots (air and sea), auto manufacturers, airlines, the businesses and corporations who employ them and are responsible for their behavior and of course, their insurance companies.

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The attorneys at Whittel & Melton place special emphasis on the both compassion towards our clients and obtaining the maximum monetary recovery that a situation demands. Insurance Companies will hire several experts to minimize the value of your case if they go unchecked. At the Inverness office of Whittel & Melton, we will hire our own set of experts that specialize in determining financial past and future damages. These damages can include future retirement, loss of wages, even eventual raises and promotion through time that would be reasonably expected in your situation. The financial loss of a provider is immense. Just as difficult on a family, is the loss of emotional support or companionship a death can create.

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Call now for your free consultation and allow us an opportunity to see that you and your family are properly provided for in this very difficult time. We handle cases throughout Florida, and Citrus County, including Inverness, Crystal River, Lecanto, Beverly Hills, Floral City, Hernando, Holder, Homosassa and Homosassa Springs. Call Now - Inverness 352-726-0078

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