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Unfortunately, enforcing a divorce decree can be an ongoing battle for some families. From having to take an ex-spouse back to court for contempt proceedings, to enlisting the help of child support services--sometimes it may seem like the conflict will never end. Here are some commonly asked questions about Divorce Decree Enforcement and how our Spring Hill-based Divorce Enforcement Attorneys can help you:

How can I get my ex-spouse to move out after the divorce?

If you have a court order stating you have exclusive residency, you can call the police and have him removed. An experienced divorce enforcement attorney can go to court and file for a violation and ask the court to issue and order to restrict the ex-spouse from the home.

My ex-spouse is not paying alimony as agreed, what can I do?

You need to contact a reputable Divorce Enforcement attorney to discuss filing for a violation of the court order. There is a chance that judge will give your ex-spouse another chance to comply, but usually after that, the Court will likely start imposing penalties.

Can my ex-spouse decide to stop making payments to me?

The short answer is, not without a court order changing their obligations. If there is no time limit or other restriction in the order, he is still required to pay it. An experienced Divorce Enforcement Attorney can file a petition for a violation so the court can compel your ex-spouse to pay.

Is an agreement made after the divorce enforceable?

Generally, the terms of the divorce judgment are what the parties are entitled to. Agreements made afterward are not enforceable. However, if there have been a change in circumstances that render the divorce agreement impossible, parties can petition the court to amend the divorce decree. It is advisable to employ the services of an experienced divorce enforcement attorney.

What can I do if my spouse didn't remove my name from the mortgage as ordered by the Court?

In this situation, you need an experienced Divorce Enforcement Attorney to advise you and to evaluate the big picture of your case. If necessary, your attorney can go to court and address violations to your order and obtain judgments against your spouse.

Can I have my ex-spouse removed from the marital home?

If the court issued a judgment against your ex-spouse or if a settlement has been ratified by the court, then your ex may be in contempt of court for failing to meet his financial obligations under that settlement. A divorce enforcement attorney can use the legal system to threaten to take the ex-spouse back into court if he does not comply with the court order.

If you are having difficulty enforcing your divorce decree, you do not have to suffer. Contact the Hernando County Divorce Enforcement Attorneys at Whittel & Melton to discuss your case. We represent clients in Spring Hill, Brooksville and throughout Hernando County in divorces and divorce decree enforcement. Please contact us online or via phone at (352) 666-2121 to schedule a consultation.

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